Clearing Money Blocks 101

Do you have a negative relationship with money and bills?
Do you feel overwhelmed with debt or your financial responsibilities?
Do you feel like you spend frivolously and can never save up enough?
Do you want to heal but feel you can’t afford it?

If you answered YES to any of the above this workshop is for you!

So many people feel like they are in a bad spot in their life and they want to make things better but they just don’t have the money to invest in themselves to be able to get the tools and support they need to fix things.

This session was created for YOU!

You’ll clear the most common blocks, negative energy & emotion that you have around:

• Money
• Debt
• Bills
• Loans
• Financial Responsibility
• Feeling Stuck
• Spending habits
• Saving habits
• Safety nets
• Your identity with money (I’m: broke, just getting by, only have what I need, can only save a little) 
• Wealthy People

You will leave feeling lighter, having cleared the weight, pressure and responsibility that you have put on yourself or others have put on you.

You’ll have a clean slate with your subconscious beliefs around money so that you can move forward in your life. You’ll be in a higher vibration so that you’ll attract and receive the abundance that is yours!

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How to Live Your Happiest Life Now!

Do you feel unappreciated, overwhelmed or taken for granted?
Do you want to feel happier?
Do you have conditions that need to be met before you can live a happy life?
You can start living a happy life NOW!!

You will learn 5 simple steps to live your happiest life and how to incorporate them into your daily life.

The 5 Steps are simple yet profound:

1) Self-love
2) Self-care
3) Gratitude
4) Boundaries
5) Assertiveness

If you’re a people pleaser, perfectionist or workaholic, this is exactly what you need to start living your happy, healthy, and fulfilling life right now!

You will receive a healing to remove limiting beliefs that are preventing you from achieving the happy life you deserve.

By the end of the workshop you will have more clarity on what your happy life will look like and have the tools to help you get there. You will feel lighter, relaxed and HAPPIER!

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