Workshop: Manifesting 101!

Are you ready to Manifest the life of your dreams?! ✨

Are you excited to start being in the right place at the right time? 💓

Ready to experience beautiful synchronicity everywhere and get what you desire even faster? 💖

During this online workshop you’ll create your unique Dream Life List and Life Vision Statement that will support you in co-creating with the Universe! 💖✨💖

We’ll clear any blocks and limiting beliefs that were preventing you from it and align you with manifesting it into your life quicker!✨

You’ll be guided through a meditation and healing that will raise your frequency & expand your ability to receive!! 💓

You’ll learn daily practices to ensure you’ll continue to attract what you desire into your life 💖

This 3 hour digital workshop will get you in an excited high vibe place for you to create the life of your dreams!

You’ll have unlimited access so you can go through this process at different stages in your life and listen to the meditations whenever you’re called!

If you’ve been asking for your next step from the Universe – here it is!! Invest in yourself below! 💖

YES! I’m READY to invest in myself &