Success Stories


“I had been feeling really rundown, discouraged, and stuck when I first heard of Laura McPhee, Happiness Coach and Healer. Attending her Live Your Happiest Life workshop was one of the best investments I’ve ever made! I experienced an immediate shift in my mindset and I quickly signed up for private theta healing sessions which I love going to. Laura was able to help me out of a really dark time. Within a short space of time, Laura has helped me to change my thinking, heal old wounds, clear my junk and baggage, and feel lighter, more hopeful, and happier. I felt like my dreams were possible again and achievable without stretching myself too thin in the process. I love how Laura combines theta healing for my subconscious with practical techniques for my still-learning conscious mind. I also feel she’s the perfect fit for me as she specializes in people pleasers, perfectionists, and workaholics. Laura is patient, kind, and really amazing at what she does and as a person. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to lead a happier, healthier life.”    ~ Corinne Monique

“Laura is an amazing ThetaHealer who is highly intuitive. She combines her amazing healing abilities with practical coaching advice that you can immediately implement for great results. She is singlehandedly responsible for helping realize dramatic shifts in my life. Whenever I am stuck and can’t figure out/heal something on my own, she is my immediate go to.” ~ Yves LeBlanc

“During my ThetaHealing sessions with Laura, she helped me get to the root of a few issues that had caused me anxiety, worry and stress. She is kind, knowledgeable and a great listener. I felt comfortable during the sessions, and left feeling lighter and in a positive frame of mind. Afterwards, I saw shifts in how I reacted to situations, which meant less stress and a happier life! I have recommended her to my friends, she’s fantastic!” ~ Kelly M.

“After my third session with Laura I have to say this one was the most intense… I first did a healing session on self esteem and being worthy and within days took an office space, launching a business I have been contemplating for more than 10 years. Then we did a second session on abundance and manifesting wealth and again I released some beliefs that would have made it impossible to be successful as an entrepreneur.

The third session was supposed to address food and weight issues, as a holistic nutritionist I really felt I needed to represent that lifestyle and yet I admit I am carrying extra weight…This session ended up taking me back to some extremely painful childhood memories that I had locked up, tossed the key and had no intention of ever revisiting and yet that’s exactly what we did. You can’t lock away emotions without locking away a piece of yourself away with it. It was time to address that broken child and that missing part of me. Digging in to some deep and very old wounds wasn’t easy and Laura handled it so well, with a professionalism you might expect from a qualified counselor. Although it was incredibly emotional for me you were so lovely and supportive I felt completely safe and was finally able to let go of some very heavy emotions I’ve been carrying for way too long. I really cannot thank you enough! The best way I can describe it is that it felt like I took off a very heavy and very dark coat! The very next day I signed up for a Get Fit 21 day program! Like so many I was an emotional eater and the weight actually had nothing to do with food and everything to do with comfort and protection.

I can’t wait to see how my life and body will reshape with this incredible burden lifted. You are so amazing and truly gifted Laura! Sending you so much love!  xo”  ~ Coleen Hamilton

“She is a wonderful healer! I went for a thetahealing session and I can honestly say that I am transformed. I got rid of some limiting beliefs and I am so glad, thank you Laura!” ~ Mandy DeGrace


Clearing Money Blocks 101

“I took Laura’s removing money blocks workshop and it was amazing! She helped me identify blocks I didn’t even know I had. I highly recommend this workshop!!”   ~ Melissa Power

“Within 2 days of doing Laura’s Money Blocks Theta healing seminar, I woke up to an email of over $600 that I had given up on ever seeing. My partner received $$ unexpectedly as well, the very next day. Im not sure I understand it but there is no denying it works and that Laura knows what she’s doing! If you’re struggling financially, I would highly recommend you see her!👍🎰💹💲” ~ Shane White

“Tonight’s workshop was amazing! Thank you so much Laura! You truly are incredible at what you do! Left feeling amazing and 1000 times more confident when coming head on with the issue at hand!” ~ Melanie Chaisson

“I attended Laura’s online webinar “Clearing Money Blocks 101″ last night. When I was preparing the kettle for coffee the next morning, I noticed a nickel on my countertop. I looked at it, and it is American, dated 1961. I googled it and apparently it is worth $25.00 US. WHOA!” ~ Michele Phillips

Happiness Coaching

“Laura was extremely professional, honest and relatable. She made me feel at ease and comfortable and really opened my eyes to some limiting beliefs my subconscious mind had been holding onto.” ~ Betty Ann Tucker

“I had the opportunity to have two amazing coaching moments with Laura McPhee. Her kindness and her patience about my current issues with life, relationships, health and work and me feeling out of balance with myself made it very easy for me to make a transition into positive changes for my well-being. Laura is amazing at what she does. She provided me with ideas on how to handle difficult situations such as: how to deal with peer pressure, how to get rid of negative talk, and how to start organizing and now I’m in the process of building my dream life. Thanks to Laura I feel much more positive as I have lost 6 lbs. since we last talked, I have increased my physical activity to 5 times a week versus the usual 3 and started reading and journaling. These are only the small changes that I was able to establish.”  ~ Lorena K.

Self-Love & Care 7 Day Challenge

“I loved this challenge! Nothing like learning how to take better care of yourself and set boundaries that allow you to replenish and live a happier life! I also learned it’s ok to say NO! Thanks so much Laura! ”         ~ Debra L.

“Such really good and important reminders Laura. This is the first year that I’m really taking care to keep track of the daily stuff. Workouts, meditation, working my business etc. I am a committed bullet journaler now. It really does help me schedule my time, so I can make time. Great job with the challenge!!” ~ Michael D.

“Thank you so much for the awesome advice and tips!” ~ Melissa D.